Spandex is a kind of elastic fiber. It has the characteristics like: good flexibility, fine, high strength, low proportion and excellent durability, etc. It is a new type of textile raw material. spandex is widely used in cloth, pharmaceutical and industrial areas. It can significantly improve fabric wearing performance and products value added. It is comfortable. So, it is deeply favored by customers. It is widely used in swimsuits, underwears, sports wear, socks, medical bandage and other areas.

TEXTILE RAW MATERIALS is exporting Spandex since many years with satisfied clients across the globe.

We can offer Spandex in Various deniers 20D - 1680D and Luster as per customer’s requirements.


Air Covered Yarns ( ACY ) , is a kind of stretch Yarn.

TEXTILE RAW MATERIALS is exporting Air Covered yarns (ACY) since many years in various countries.

We offer ACY made of Polyester DTY + Air Covered Spandex, Polyester Spun + Spandex, etc.

The fabric products of ACY feel soft and smooth. It is mainly used in: Weaving Cloth, Stretch Denim, Braid, Socks, Underwear, etc.

We are supplying many combinations of ACY as per Requirements. Such as, Polyester DTY 75D ~ 600D raw white OR dope dyed black + Air Covered Spandex 20D - 70D. Customized combinations in ACY can be made upon orders.

We are also supplying Polyester Spun + Spandex (Air Covered Yarn) in particular combinations of counts + deniers as per requirements, For example: 16s/1 Polyester black or RW + 70D Spandex, etc.